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Russland og vi, edition by Blix forlag from 1941

Russland og vi is a book written by Vidkun Quisling. The text was first published as a series of articles in the newspaper Tidens Tegn in the autumn of 1930, before it was published in book form in December of the same year.

Russland og vi is Quisling's analysis of the Bolshevik revolution and discusses the origins of the Russian revolution and its consequences for Russia and the rest of Europe. Quisling's anti-communist views were central.

Translations into other languages

In the autumn of 1931, Russland og vi came out in English with the title Russia and Ourselves. The publishing house Hodder & Stoughton was behind the English edition. The book was also published in Spanish as Politica de Oriente y Occidente in 1935.

A German edition was published in 1942 as Russland und wir. In the German edition, the text was somewhat reworked, and the pro-British attitude in the original edition was toned down.

Contents (English edition)


1. Introductory

2. Health and Race

3. Policy

4. The Economic System

5. The Peasant Question

6. Social Conditions

7. Culture and Religion

8. Russia as an Example

9. Foreign Policy

10. Summary and Prospects

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