Rene Guenon: A Teacher for Modern Times

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Rene Guenon: A Teacher for Modern Times
Cover of the second English edition
Author(s) Julius Evola
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Traditionalism
Publisher Holmes Publishing Group
Publication year 2004
Pages 32
ISBN ISBN 1-55818-229-2

Rene Guenon - A Teacher For Modern Times (It:Un Maestro dei Tempi Moderno: René Guenon) is a 32 page pamphlet that consists of three articles by Julius Evola, in addition to excerpts from the correspondence between Rene Guenon and the author, published for the first time in English translation in 1994 by Holmes Publishing Group, and as a revised edition in 2004.

The various articles in the pamphlet and the letter-excerpts were published respectively as

  1. 'Col Protesto di Conquistare la Terra L'uomo ha Perduto il Contatto della Realta Metafisica" in 'ROMA', 27. February, 1951,
  2. 'Un Maestro dei Temp Moderni: René Guenon' 'VITA ITALIANA', 1935.
  3. 'Il Dono delle Lingue' 'CORRIERE PADANO', 10. February, 1938
  4. 'René Guenon la Scolastica Guenoiana' 'IL GHIBELLINO', January, 1953.

The pamphlet is a short introduction to the thoughts 'of René Guenón', in other words Traditionalism or Sophia Perennis. Guenón himself would probably have seen such a statement as absurd, considering that he repeatedly asked his readers to disregard anything they could discover in his writings of his own personality: he was not the 'creator' of his message, but only a harbinger of an eternal knowledge. The pamphlet in addition makes the mental and ideological differences between Evola and Guenón clear: in other words their respective emphasis on the warrior- and priestly caste.


The pamphlet is split up into four articles, and is part of a series of four pamphlets published by Holmes Publishing Group with Evola as the author: The Path of Enlightenment, Zen: The Religion of the Samurai and Taoism: The Magic, The Mysticism. The various parts that follow after the introduction and the foreword are: 'René Guenón: A Teacher of Our Times', 'East and West - The Gift of Languages', 'René Guenon and the Guenonian Scholasticism' and 'My Correspondence With Guenon'.

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