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Raymond K. Rudman was a South African nationalist and publisher of Edendale, Natal. Rudman had been active in various nationalist movements since the early 1930s. Rudman had his own printing press and ran the "Aryan Book Store". He published the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and other anti-Semitic works including the 1921 reprint pamphlet England: Under the Heel of the Jew.

Rudman was the leader of the South African Anglo-Norman Union and Die Boerenasie (Farmers Nation). He was the Provincial Leader (Natal) of the South African National Party.


  • To Christians and Jews: Hail South Africa! (1933) 4 pages
  • Vrymesselary is die wapen van die donker magte (Freemasonry is the weapon of the dark forces) (1943)
  • On the Jews: Luther and Talmudic Proofs (1972) 34 pages

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