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Porter Sargent's Getting Us Into War

Porter Edward Sargent (June 6, 1872 – March 27, 1951), was a prominent educational critic and an American isolationist of the 1930s. He and author of What Makes Lives and Getting Us Into War. He issued a weekly newsletter called Sargent Bulletins.

Getting Us Into War is history and angry critique of America's move towards involvement in WWII -- first published in 1941, and assembled from Sargent's weekly "Bulletins" which commented on the first year of WWII as it happened. "What is history," he writes in his introduction, "if it doesn't give you a feel of the time, some understanding of how men lived, some comprehension of how real people behaved and why they acted as they did."

Sargent was a contributor to Scribner's Commentator.