Parti Communautaire National-Européen

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Parti Communautaire National-Européen
Parti Communautaire National-Européen.png
Political position Third Positionism
National Bolshevism
Leader Luc Michel
Existence 1984–present
Headquarters Brussels, Belgium
Colours red, white

The Parti Communautaire National-Européen (English: National European Communitarian Party) also refered to as PCN-NCP, is a third positionist political party based in Brussels, Belgium. It advocates a Pan-European nationalism which stands up for the true interests of the native peoples of Europe. The organisation was founded in 1984 under the leadership of Luc Michel, a former activist from the Fédération d'Action Nationale et Européenne. It is inspired to a large extent by the theories of Jean-François Thiriart. The organisation is strongly anti-American, anti-Zionist and anti-liberal.

It has also been noted for giving support to similar movements outside of Western Europe; for example Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milošević, Iraq's Saddam Hussein, Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi and Syria's Hafez al-Assad. The party has, from time to time, contested elections in Belgium and France (without securing elected office), although in local Belgian elections in 2007 they told their supporters to vote for the Vlaams Belang and Rassemblement Wallonie France. Michel has formed links with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

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