On Being A Pagan

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On Being a Pagan (ISBN 0-9720292-2-2) is a book about paganism written by Alain de Benoist.


  1. Never Dying, Always Reviving
  2. Time and History
  3. The Sacred
  4. False Contrasts
  5. Dualism: For and Against
  6. God: Creator and Father
  7. Human Nature and Freedom
  8. Fall or Rise?
  9. The Primacy of Mankind
  10. Beneath and Beyond Good and Evil
  11. The Shapes of History
  12. Messianism and Utopianism
  13. Space and Time
  14. Iconoclasm and Beauty
  15. The Universal and the Particular
  16. Monotheism and Polytheism
  17. Tolerance and Intolerance
  18. Universalism and Particularism
  19. Politics and Anti-Politics
  20. Man's Place in Nature
  21. Sex and the Body
  22. Early Christianity and Late Paganism
  23. Divine Immanence, Human Transcendance
  24. The Coincidence of Opposites and the Problem of Evil
  25. Tolerance and Inner Freedom
  26. The Return of the Gods