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The Nationalist Front of Mexico (Spanish: "Frente Nacionalista de México"), formerly known as the Organization for the National Will (Spanish: "Organización por la Voluntad Nacional") and the Mexicanist Nationalist Front (Spanish: "Frente Nacional Mexicanista"), is a Mexican nationalist group, known for its use of National Socialist paraphernalia.

The organization opposes what it sees as "Anglo"-U.S. culture and influences and what its members consider the "American occupation" of territory formerly belonging to Mexico and now form the southwestern United States. Similarly, it promotes the reincorporation of Central America to Mexico, advocates the Second Mexican Empire, and deplores the establishment of the republic, which it considers decadent and against the nation.

It is stated to propose a third positionist alternative to both Marxism and capitalism and a distributist economy and socialization.

The organization is not a political party and thus cannot nominate candidates directly.

In its official website, the organization declares its opposition to all forms of violence and states that its primary goal is to win Mexicans' approval and adherence to their nationalist points of view. However, the front held protests in various cities to demand the immediate expulsion of Haitian and African immigrants who came to Mexico's borders in the fall of 2016. Representatives of the front have also made open calls for Mexicans to join in their struggle against foreigners, sexual minorities and leftists.

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