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National Copperheads of America was founded by Ellis O. Jones shortly after President Franklin D. Roosevelt called Charles A. Lindbergh a “Copperhead”. During the American Civil War a Copperhead was a Northerner who sympathized with the Southern cause. Apparently President Roosevelt was implying Lindbergh had other allegiances. The National Copperheads was formed as a non-membership organization in May 1941 which was supportive of Lindbergh and his famous Des Moines speech in which he said Jews were one of the main groups pushing for war with Germany.

Copperhead flyer

The National Copperheads have chosen as a slogan what was intended as an insulting opprobrious epithet hurled at Colonel Lindbergh and his patriotic sympathizers by a peevish power-mad Roosevelt—a fighting slogan around which to rally and organize in support of the unpolluted Americanism, the straightforward realism and those sound enduring principles so ably and staunchly enunciated over and over by that most popular of all Americans, our beloved Lindy.
Events since launching this rapidly expanding organization prove more and more the need of a solid front to combat the sneer-smear campaign of subversive groups against Lindbergh and his followers and nothing has proved this more emphatically than the reaction of certain politicians, editors and other hypocrites to Lindbergh's epoch-marking Des Moines speech in which at long last, after months of patient restraint, he fixed the blame for the war-mongering precisely where it belongs.
We need new leadership in the United States, leaders who will think clearly and act courageously. Charles A. Lindbergh has proved himself outstanding as such a leader. Thus, unlike practically all other anti-war organizations, the National Copperheads is by no means a passing fancy, but is designed to carry on to further practical accomplishment after the war menace is removed and we are able once more to concentrate upon our own problems. We are for America first, not as an abstract proposition, but concretely by building an organization of true and intelligent patriots in order to eliminate from power those democracy-wreckers who now sit so arrogantly in the seats of the mighty.
For this purpose we need the active cooperation of similar-minded patriots everywhere. Won't you get in touch with us and tell us you will help. Get our literature. Show your colors by wearing "I'M A COPPERHEAD" pins. Distribute the above speech.
Give us suggestions. — ELLIS 0. JONES, Founder.