Nathan Bedford Forrest II

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Nathan Bedford Forrest II
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Published September 1918, Tulsa Spirit.
Born c. 1872
Oxford, Mississippi
Died March 13, 1931
White Springs, Florida
Cause of death Stroke
Known for Ku Klux Klan, General Secretary Sons of Confederate Veterans
Children Nathan Bedford Forrest III
Relatives Nathan Bedford Forrest, grandfather

Nathan Bedford Forrest II was the grandson of Confederate Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest (through his son William Montgomery Forrest), a pioneering leader of the Ku Klux Klan, and father of Brigadier General Nathan Bedford Forrest III. [1]

Forrest is perhaps best known for his tenure as the General Secretary of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and as a Grand Dragon of the Second Era Ku Klux Klan for Georgia.

In The Confederate Veteran, Forrest claimed that he and W. Tate Brady were making plans together for an “active campaign throughout Oklahoma" on behalf of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.[2]

Forrest served as Secretary and Business Manager at Lanier University, a college that was sold to the Klan in 1921. Forrest announced that the institution would teach "100% pure Americanism", and that the curriculum would include two mandatory courses for all students: one on the study of the US Constitution and another on Biblical literature.[3]


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