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Moshe Peer (France, 1933) is another alleged Holocaust survivor. At the age of 11, he was captive at the Bergen Belsen concentration camp. After the war, he wrote a book about his experiences and how he managed to survive.

Gassed six times at Belsen and survived

Moshe Peer claims to have been sent to the gas chamber at least six times. He claims that each time he survived a gassing, he saw many of the women and children gassed with him collapse and die. In 1993, in an interview for The Gazette, he stated that to that day, he didn't know how he survived: "Maybe children resist better, I don't know". He also omitted to explain why the "Nazis" didn't try to kill him using other methods than multiple ineffective gassings. He also stated that "There was pieces of corpses lying around and there were corpses lying there, some alive and some dead" and "Bergen-Belsen was worse than Auschwitz". Somehow his father and all his siblings survived the alleged "Nazi extermination plan" and joined him after the war.[1]

Unforgettable Bergen-Belsen

Peer spent 19 years writing a book titled "Unforgettable Bergen-Belsen" (original title in French: "Inoubliable Bergen-Belsen") recalling his experiences at Belsen. It aims to make the reader feel like a witness at the scene. But he admits he can never recreate for anyone the living hell he experienced. "The conditions in the camp is indescribable", Peer said. "You can't bring home the horror".[1]

Bergen-Belsen had no gas chamber

Today, even according to mainstream historians, Bergen-Belsen had no gas chambers and was not an extermination camp. See Western Holocaust camps.

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