Metzitzah b'peh

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Metzitzah b'peh is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony, performed on the eighth day of a male infant's life. Sometimes seen as controversial, since it in its traditional form involves the circumciser briefly sucking on the penis afterwards, which has been argued to cause a risk of transmitting herpes.

The mohel brings the baby’s organ into his mouth immediately after the excision of the foreskin and sucks blood from it vigorously. This action lowers the internal pressure in the tissues of the organ, in the blood vessels of the head of the organ and in the exposed ends of the arterioles that have just been cut. Thus, the difference between the pressure in the blood vessels in the base of the organ and the pressure in the blood vessels at its tip is increased. This requirement has deep religious significance as well as medical benefits.
—Mordechai Halperin, Metzitzah B’peh Controversy: The View from Israel, Jewish Action.[1]


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