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It is not always easy to make a clear definition of what kind of subjects are suitable to create articles about in Metapedia. A general guideline to follow when selecting suitable topics to write about is that they should be relevant to describe from a pro-European perspective.

Examples of Topics Suitable for Metapedia

  • Ideology and philosophy.
  • Pro-European people, parties, movements, literature, events, web pages etc.
  • Historical events relevant to the pro-European struggle. For example the Reconquista, the French Revolution, World War 2, non-European invasions of European territory (Ottoman, Moorish and Hunnish invasions).
  • Mass media: Foreign control, anti-white bias, left wing orientation. Articles outlining the owner structure and obvious anti-European bias of the mainstream media.
  • Alternative music. Synthwave, neofolk, ambient, dark wave, folk metal, black metal, nationalist rock and other genres with pro-European tendencies.
  • Traditionalism, ariosophy, European and Indo-European traditions etc.
  • Religion. In particular the indigenous European religions, but also other religions.
  • Physical anthropology and genetics. IQ-studies, eugenics, racial differences and such.
  • Personal improvement. Articles on topics and books related to personal improvement.

Examples of Topics Not Suitable for Metapedia

  • Persons and groups of minor or no importance. This is applicable when it comes to pro-European people as well as our opponents. Reading an article about a 15 year anti-racist or nationalist who doesn’t stand out in any way is of very little interest for the general public.
  • Personal attacks. Libelous articles about living people will be deleted immediately and may result in a ban.