Marcel Rosenberg

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Marcel Rosenberg
Marcel Rosenberg.png
Born Moses Rosenberg
place unknown
Died 1937 (aged 41)
Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Nationality Jewish
Known for Involvement in Spanish Civil War
Occupation political police, diplomat, bureaucrat
Party Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Soviet ambassador to Spain
Term 1936 – 1937

Soviet deputy secretary-general at the League of Nations
Term 1931 – 1935

Moses Rosenberg (1896—1937), better known as Marcel Rosenberg, was a communist Jew, who was the Soviet ambassador to Spain, during the Spanish Civil War. Along with Aleskandr Orlov, an NKVD liaison chief, Rosenberg was primary amongst the Soviet Union's criminals of the war. According to Luis Araquistáin a member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, Rosenberg acted "like a Russian viceroy in Spain. He paid daily vists to Largo Caballero, sometimes accompanied by Russians of high rank, military or civilian. His recommendations were based, not on the competence of the officers, but on their political affiliations and on the degree of their amenability to the Communists".[1]

According to Nahum Goldmann, the longtime president of the World Jewish Congress, Rosenberg told him that he was sympathetic to Zionism and criticised some of Jewish Communists in Russia who were not.[2] Rosenberg was for a time the Soviet deputy secretary-general at the League of Nations, seemingly between 1931 and 1935.[3] He was eventually liquidated in the Great Purge under Joseph Stalin.



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