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MOVE is an American Black organization founded in 1972 by John Africa (born Vincent Leaphart) and Donald Glassey. The name is not an acronym and is intended to indicate that it is an active and activist organization. MOVE advocated a radical form of anarchist greens politics and a return to a hunter-gatherer society, while stating their opposition to science, medicine, and technology. They identify as deeply religious. As John Africa had done, his followers changed their surnames to Africa to show reverence to what they regarded as their mother continent.

In a 2018 article about the group, The Guardian described their political views as "a strange fusion of black power and flower power. The group that formed in the early 1970s melded the revolutionary ideology of the Black Panthers with the nature- and animal-loving communalism of 1960s hippies. You might characterise them as black liberationists-cum-eco warriors."

The group is particularly known for two major conflicts with the Philadelphia Police Department. In 1978, a standoff resulted in the death of one police officer, injuries to several other people, and life sentences for nine members who were convicted of killing the officer.

In 1985, another confrontation ended when a police helicopter dropped a bomb on the MOVE compound. The resulting fire killed eleven MOVE members, including five children, and destroyed 65 houses in the neighborhood. The survivors later filed a civil suit against the city and the police department, and were awarded $1.5 million in a 1996 settlement.

The organization and/or members have been alleged to be involved in the 2002 killing of John Gilbride.

Leftist Wikipedia states that the organization is a "black liberation group".

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