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Kurt Becher (1909 - 1995) was an SS officer, who despite his involvement in Jewish deportations and the Holocaust camps was never charged with any crime. Holocaust revisionists have argued that this was due to reasons such as his willingness to support the politically correct Holocaust story, such as by testifying that he had been involved in causing Himmler to in late 1944 issue an order to stop the extermination of Jews. However, an extermination policy before this has been argued to be contradicted by other parts of Becher's testimony, according to which Himmler was anxious to procure as many Jews as possible for negotiation purposes, so that they could be traded for as much strategic material as possible, in exchange for their release. For Himmler to have exterminated his bargaining power is argued to be absurd. Furthermore, Becher has been argued to in private state that he had never heard of the alleged gassing of Jews before he was brought to Nuremberg as a prisoner and that the order that Himmler actually issued simply stated that the concentration camps should be peacefully surrendered to the approaching enemy in order to save human lives.[1][2]

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