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Kinism is a relatively new movement/ideology held by a quickly growing group of Neo-Confederates, Christian Reconstructionists, Paleoconservative, and white nationalists.


Kinists believe that when God dispersed mankind at the Tower of Babel, he segregated each race. They all are apologists for Southern slavery and the ante-bellum South, and consider themselves followers of the Presbyterian minister R. L. Dabney, who was a chaplain in the Confederate army. They are strict Sabbatarians and are paleoconservative, only they reject capitalism in favor of "covenantal agrarian" economics. They are fierce opponents of industrialism and modernity.

Kinists are advocates of secession, racial separatism, agrarianism, homeschooling, patriarchy, and theonomy, and are primarily Reformed Christians. Kinist Mark Godfrey wrote, "we hold to Kevin MacDonald's view that the ethnic "rules" of Jews which prioritize ethnic loyalty and survival virtually ensure their disproportionate representation in elite circles -circles where these self-same values are propagated. We do not put much stock in cabals or star chambers or population-wide conspiracies, but rather in the conspiracy of consensus." They believe in outlawing miscegenation, and many are members of the League of the South.

Even though Kinism is a new movement, it closely reflects the traditional views on race of the rural South. This is demonstrated in their strident opposition to miscegenation. Kinists insist, that kinism, simply defined, means "Love of one's own kind," and that kinists do not suggest violence or hatred toward anyone based on race.

Kinist Principles

Kinism is the belief that the ordained social order for man is tribal and ethnic rather than imperial and universal. Mankind was designed by God to live in extended family groups. The Jacobin doctrine of Equality is destructive, is antithetical to liberty, and is ultimately unachievable. Blood ties are the only natural and workable basis for a healthy society not subject to the ideologies of fallen man. We believe this is the normative system for our people.
We believe that our White people have a God-given right and duty to seek their own prosperity and existence as a distinct nation. This is primarily to be achieved by converting our people to the religion of our only Savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we denounce the sin of miscegenation as a violation of God's created order which has permanent consequences for every heritable trait. We appeal to God's creation mandate of kind after kind. It is the obligation of both church and state to forbid mixed unions according to biblical laws prohibiting unequal yoking.
We advocate a natural, chivalrous, hierarchical social order. We honor and celebrate the shared history and distinctives of our people, and we stand or fall with no other.
We believe in treating all men with decency and justice. In life and in death, we oppose all enemies of Jesus Christ and all who seek our collective displacement, dispossession, or subjugation.

Quotes on Kinism

The way to be a Kinist is to live like one:

  • Homeschool your kids and support homeschooling.
  • Ensure your curriculum advocates Western pre-industrial values and culture.
  • Grow as much as you can and try to buy local where you can.
  • Support the aims of Theonomy.
  • Support/advocate a return to either republicanism or monarchy and eschew direct democracy.
  • Try to foster a love of agriculture, eschew materialism and capitalism as ungodly.
  • Advocate a return to hard money and barter.
  • Support groups that advocate for ethnic nationalism and immigration control.
  • Eschew all forms of imperialism.
  • Teach all the above to your children and support our activities here.
  • Attend a Bible-believing church that either openly or tacitly eschews interracial marriage.
  • If the former is unavailable, home church.
  • Conduct family worship and steep your kids in the Bible.
  • Expose corruption in Government and decry Plutocracy.

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Part of this article consists of modified text from Wikipedia, and the article is therefore licensed under GFDL.