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Mrs. Jessie Welch Jenkins (born ca. 1894) was the president of the National Patrick Henry Organization of Columbus, Georgia. She was the author of the book America Re-born. The book had an anti-Jewish thesis and leaned heavily upon the Protocols. In the early 1950s she founded The Liberty Party.[1] In 1952 the party supported Californian George D. Higgins for President of the United States.

In 1950 Mrs. Jenkins ran for Governor of Georgia. In that election she published a booklet outlining her platform for the governor’s race titled Your Pocket Atom Bomb.[2]

Jessie Welch married William Edmund Jenkins on January 17, 1909 in Preston, Georgia. In 1919 they moved to Columbus, Georgia.


  • America Re-born (1948) 156 pages[3]
  • That Evil Genus: Democracy (1950) 20 pages
  • Civil Rights Or State Sovereignty? (1950) 37 pages
  • The Origin and Status of the Negro: The Divine Will (1954) 40 pages
  • America is Calling You
  • Your Pocket Atom Bomb 31 pages