James Klugmann

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James Klugmann.

Norman John Klugmann (1912—1977), better known as James Klugmann, was a communist Jew, propagandist and double agent who operated in the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia. A member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and an associate of the Cambridge Five spy-ring (particularly through his friendship with Donald Maclean) he joined the Royal Army Service Corps during World War II and rose to the Special Operations Executive dispatched in Yugoslavia.

Klugmann however, was an NKVD double agent and along with Linn Markley Farish (who fed similar disinformation back to US officials) was one of the principal figures behind forging intelligence reports to send back to the Western allies, convincing them to back Josip Broz Tito and the so-called Partisans in Yugoslavia instead of the anti-communist Draža Mihailović, who they backed earlier.


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