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Jürgen Graf

Jürgen Graf (born August 15, 1951, Basel) is a Swiss historical revisionist and researcher. He studied philology at the University of Basel studying French, English, and Scandinavian languages and spent several years working as a school teacher at a prestigious private school. He is fluent in fifteen languages. In 1991 he became acquainted with the Holocaust debate and published several books on the subject in the 1990s, including several co-authored with his colleague Carlo Mattogno.

Graf and his publisher, Gerhard Förster were prosecuted by a Swiss court for 'Holocaust denial' in July 1998 and Graf was fined and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. He fled the country, initially seeking political asylum in Iran, but subsequently settling in Belarus for some time before moving to Russia. He currently lives in Moscow and works as a translator.

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