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Harold Noel Arrowsmith, Jr. was an early financial backer of George Lincoln Rockwell. In 1958 Arrowsmith and Rockwell formed "The National Committee to Free America from Jewish Domination" based in Arlington, Virginia and initially financed the operation with a $20,000 donation. Earlier Arrowsmith financed the publication, The Virginian.

On July 29, 1958 they both participated in a demonstration outside of the White House protesting President Eisenhower decision to send American troops into Lebanon. One of the signs read "SAVE IKE FROM THE KIKES." Similar protests occur in Atlanta, Georgia and Louisville, Kentucky.

The Harold Arrowsmith family was from Baltimore, Maryland. His father was a minister.

Arrowsmith did research at the Library of Congress and believed World War One was the result of an International Jewish Conspiracy.[1]

Arrowsmith was once employed by the business profile company Dun & Bradstreet.[2]