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Hans Aumeier (also known as Kurt Aumeier; 1906 - 1948) was an SS officer who was for a time a deputy commandant at Auschwitz. After the war, he was first in British and American captivity, but was later extradited to Communist Poland, where he was executed after a trial.

Aumeier was a prisoner at the London Cage, infamous for alleged torture of prisoners. Revisionists have argued that Aumeier in his first interrogation by the British spoke of the crematories at Auschwitz, but without mentioning any gas chambers. However, this was not accepted and he subsequently "confessed", with Aumeier argued to be inventing claims in order to try to satisfy the expectations of his interrogators. Later versions of his account claimed increasing number of gassings. Furthermore, Aumeier's claims have been argued to contradict the now "standardized" politically correct view. Another criticism is that "The final manuscript (or fair copy) signed by Aumeier was pencilled in British Army style with all proper names in block letters", implying that this manuscript was not written by Aumeier.[1][2]

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