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The Ground Zero missile theory is an alternative theory to the events of 9/11. The theory suggests that fighters from Otis Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts arrived at the World Trade Center (WTC) complex as the second plane, Flight 175 was about to crash into the South Tower: WTC 2. It is claimed two missiles were fired in an attempt to shoot down the hijacked plane. Both missiles missed their intended target. One of the errant missiles is claimed to have hit on the south side of WTC 7 across from the WTC. The other missile perhaps hit in a parking lot or fell into the Hudson River.

ABC News recorded the fighters patrolling the area shortly after the impact of the second hijacked plane. [1]

In one home video recorded on 9/11 (Bob and Bri video) a voice clearly states she saw one of the fighters. Quote: “It was a military plane.” [2]

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