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Gottfried Küssel

Gottfried Küssel (born in Vienna September 10, 1958) is an Austrian patriot and revisionist imprisoned for his beliefs.



He has been member of Gary Lauck's NSDAP/AO party since 1977. He says: I am not a fascist, and also not an international socialist. I am a national socialist.citation/quote needed

1981-83 he visited football matches. He become a leader of the national movement. 1983/84 the liberal-bolshevistic administration convicted him because he is national socialist. In 1984 he becomes a member if the national front.

He founded 1986 the people devoted out-of-parliament opposition (VAPO = Volkstreue außerparlamentarische Opposition). In 1986 he distributed pamphlets stating that the Anne Frank diaries are Jewish forgeries.

German alternative

After Michael Kühnen was incarcerated 1990, he became the leader of German alternative. He participated national meetings; hence, in 1991 the German ruling clique forbade his entering Germany.


1990 he was convicted to suspended incarceration because causing damages.

1993 he was convicted to 10 years for national socialist activities. He was released 1999. Today he has a bio-shop in the II. circle of Vienna.

National movement

In 2002 Blood and Honour International entrusted him to set up its Austrian cell. Since 2007 he has tried to regenerate the national movement with comrades like Hans Jörg Schimanek.

Alpen-Donau Info

On January 13, 2013, Austria's Zionist Occupation Government authorities convicted Küssel to 9 years prison because he led the web page "Alpen-Donau info". The page was hosted in the United States, and the American authorities cooperated with the Austrian ones to find out the real names of the page owners. [1]

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