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Gerald Maurice Ronson (b. 27 May 1939) was the Jewish businessman and Chief Executive (1988-1983) of the Heron Corporation plc., Heron International plc., and Chief Executive of Snaz 24 Corporation Ltd., all based in London, UK.[1]

By the early 1980s Heron was one of the largest private companies in the United Kingdom, with assets of over £1.5 billion, but the company was over-extended and by the 1990s had virtually collapsed with debts of £2.4 billion, and owed to 89 banks and 15,000 bondholders.

In 1993 Ronson, a relation of Malcolm Rifkind and Leon Brittan[2], Larry Parnes, the stockbroker, and Ernest Saunders (real surname Schleyer) were all in prison for multi-million pound conspiratorial fraud in the Guiness Share Scandal.[3]

Ronson married on 10th September 1967, Gail Cohen.[4]


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