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The GamerGate controversy refers to a controversy in video gaming that started in 2013. Aside from various issues involving individuals, a more general controversy is regarding the increasing influence of political correctness and Cultural Marxism on various aspects of the video gaming industry. One example is politically correct criticisms of games and gamers by individuals influenced by critical theory. The GamerGate movement can in part be seen as a grassroots revolt against this increasing political correctness.

The controversy has caused great online activism. One example is leftist Wikis such as Wikipedia and RationalWiki having leftist articles on the controversy and the GamerGate movement having created its own GamerGate Wiki.

One notable aspect of the controversy was Wikipedia's article on Cultural Marxism being deleted and then recreated as a redirect to a "Conspiracy theory" section of Wikipedia's Frankfurt School article.

Related controversies have also occurred in other areas such as science fiction and fantasy where according to critics "whispering campaigns by insiders have been responsible for the de facto blacklisting of politically nonconformist writers across the sci-fi community. Authors who earn the ire of the dominant clique can expect to have a harder time getting published and be quietly passed over at award ceremonies. As with GamerGate, the political biases of a small elite has led to the exclusion of those who think differently — even if they’re in the majority."[1]

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