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The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (usually known in English as the Fundamental Rights Agency; FRA) is a Vienna-based agency of the European Union, inaugurated in 2007. It is the successor to the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC). The EUMC's mandate was narrower than that of the FRA, as it was restricted to issues of racism and xenophobia. The EUMC was in turn the 1998 successor of the Commission on Racism and Xenophobia (CRX), also known as the Kahn Commission, established in 1994.

Its purpose is to collect data on violations of fundamental rights, provide advice to the EU and its member states, and to raise public awareness

Criticisms have included leftist ideological bias, lack of accountability, high costs to taxpayers, and that human rights policy is already a principal concern of the Council of Europe (CoE), of which all EU member states are members.

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