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Françoise Dior.

Marie Françoise Suzanne Dior (7 April 1932—21 January 1993), better known as Françoise Dior, was a French political activist, close friend of Savitri Devi and a significant figure dedicated to post-war National Socialist activism. She was a niece of French fashion designer Christian Dior and was for a time married to Colin Jordan, a British political activist who led the National Socialist Movement. The two later separated in 1966, partly due to political differences; Dior felt it was European destiny to be completely free from the Jews and advocated direct action towards this end, while Jordan took a softer line.


She was born Marie Françoise Suzanne Dior, in 7 April 1932 at Paris, France to Raymond Dior and Madeleine Leblanc. Her father was an editor for Le Crapouillot, a satire magazine and heir to the Dior Frères fertilizer fortune. Her uncle was the successful fashion designer Christian Dior. She grew up during the Second World War, while German troops were stationed in France and one of the memories of her youth was the compliment of an SS-man who told her, "What a beautiful little Aryan girl."

For a time she was a royalist in political tendency. She married the Count Robert-Henry de Caumont La Force, a grand-son of Aynard Guigues de Moreton de Chabrillan, 10th Marquess of Chabrillan on 27 April 1955. For a time her husband was an unsuccessful claimant to the Hereditary Principality of Monaco, which he would have ascended to after the death of Louis II, Prince of Monaco if successful. They divorced in 1960, but had one daughter, Anne-Marie Christiane, born in 1957 and committed suicide in 1978.


The newly married Colin Jordan and Françoise Dior, greeting the crowds.

Dior became a strong admirer of Adolf Hitler and moved towards National Socialism in political tendancy. She had heard about the National Socialist Movement in the United Kingdom, due to press reports about their "Free Britain from Jewish Control" rally in Trafalgar Square and travelled to London in the summer of 1962 to find out more. During the same year, she founded the French section of the World Union of National Socialists (WUNS), which mostly consisted of isolated student cells. For a time she was engaged to John Tyndall, but he and other members of the movement were incarcerated after setting up a paramilitary organisation, based on the SA, known as Spearhead.

Colin Jordan, who had also been arrested, was released before Tyndall in 1963 and assumed leadership of the movement once again. Dior was looking at deportation as an undesirable alien, thus she married Jordan on 5 October 1963. From then on Tyndall and Jordan would remain foes. The couple had a civil ceremony at Caxton Hall, outside of which various agitators threw fruit and eggs at the couple, while they performed the Roman salute. The two then had a private celebration at the former house of Arnold Leese. Their wedding was somewhat unusual; they perfomed an ancient Nordic ritual in which each cut their wedding finger and mixed the blood together, over an open copy of Mein Kampf. Dior also stated, "All I want is little National Socialist children."

Françoise Dior salute.

Synagogue affair

A spate of direct action incidents took place between 1965 and 1966, including the burning out of several London synagogues, most notably at Brondesbury. The Jewish Chronicle blamed Dior and indeed this claim was repeated by the investigating officer Albert Wickstead in his autobiography.[1] Wickstead described Dior as "the most fanatically dangerous woman" that he had ever met. Dior separated from Jordan in 1966 and returned to Paris with her secretary, Terence Robert Cooper. While back in France she was sent to prison for four months due to an old case of putting swastika labels on the British embassy walls in Nice. She returned to Britain in April 1967, where she was tried and sent to Holloway prison for eighteen months over the synagogues affair.

Despite the claim that the actions were carried out by NSM activists at the behest of Dior, some evidence has come to light that they may have been carried out by agent provocateurs, beholden to the Zionists, as a means of discrediting any revival of National Socialism. Paul Dukes, one of the people who confessed to setting a synagogue on fire had a Jewish girlfriend and friends.[1] His fellow arsonist Alex Gordon is described by the police report as of "Russian-Jewish" origin.[1] Dukes is said to have "confessed" to Harry Bidney, leader of the 62 Group.[1]


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