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Evola, Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One
Cover of the first English edition
Cover artist SYLAQ
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Traditionalism
Publisher Black Front Press
Publication year 2011
Pages 296
ISBN 978-1-84830-330-0

Evola - Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One is a 296 page long book edited by Troy Southgate. The book is a collection of articles written by various authors, among others: Tomislav Sunic, Troy Southgate, Roger Griffin and K.R. Bolton. The book first came out in England in 2011 as the first book in a series under the name of Thoughts & Perspectives edited by Southgate og and published by Black Front Press.

The book deals with the various contributors' view of baron Evola's relation to various Traditionalist subjects and related areas. The anthology among other subjects deals with the life of Julius Evola, his thoughts on race, feminism, art, capitalism, metaphysics, Islam and much more.

Cover text

Julius Evola is one of the more intriguing and controversial figures in the Traditionalist milieu and this unique collection of essays, the first of its kind in English, looks at various aspects of the Italian philosopher's work. Ranging from Art, Sex, Feminism and Economics right through to Race, Politics, Islam and the Occult, this book will serve as a detailed and scholarly guide to one of Europe's most vehement critics of the modern epoch. Contributors include Professor Roger Griffin, Professor Tomislav Sunic, Troy Southgate, Gwendolyn Toynton, K.R. Bolton, Keith Preston, Sean Jobst, Mariella Shearer, Brett Stevens and Christopher Pankhurst.

On the editor

Troy Southgate is from Crystal Palace in South London and has been an underground writer and activist for over 25 years. Elsewhere, he has been involved with over twenty music projects, including HERR, Seelenlicht, Mercurial Sea, Von Thronstahl and many others. He is also Editor of the Synthesis webzine, Organising Secretary of the New Right and a long-suffering football supporter. He has also coached and managed boys football teams at under-8 and under-11 level, helping them go on to win local tournaments. Troy has four children, all of whom are home-educated.


  • Mission Statement 1
  • Foreword 2
  • Mercury Rising: The Life and Writings of Julius Evola by Gwendolyn Toynton 5
  • Julius Evola on Race by Dr. Tomislav Sunic 20
  • Revolt Against the Feminists by Troy Southgate 30
  • Revolts Against the Modern World by Dr. Roger Griffin 40
  • Tradition and Art by Mariella Shearer 84
  • Evola and the Subversive Nature of Capitalism by K.R. Bolton 101
  • Descent of the Avatar, Ascent of the Human by Christopher Pankhurst 140
  • Islam and Tradition: Evola on Islam by Sean Jobst 157
  • The Sexual Aesthetics and Metaphysics of Julius Evola by Keith Preston 185
  • Julius Evola:Thinker of the Right by K.R. Bolton 199
  • Militant Imperium: A Summary of Men Among the Ruins by Troy Southgate 217
  • Occult War Among the Ruins: Evola's Reaction to the "Counter-Initiation" by Dr. George J. Sieg 269

Publication data

Evola - Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One, Troy Southgate, 2011, Black Front Press, ISBN 978-1-84830-330-0

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