Evola: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One

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Evola: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One
Language English
Publisher Black Front Press
Publication year 2011
Pages 288
ISBN 9781848303300

Evola: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One is a book on Julius Evola by Black Front Press.

Publisher description

"Julius Evola is one of the more intriguing and controversial figures in the Traditionalist milieu and this unique collection of essays, the first of its kind in English, looks at various aspects of the Italian philosopher's work. Ranging from Art, Sex, Feminism and Economics right through to Race, Politics, Islam and the Occult, this book will serve as a detailed and scholarly guide to one of Europe's most vehement critics of the modern epoch. Contributors include Professor Roger Griffin, Professor Tomislav Sunic, Troy Southgate, Gwendolyn Toynton, K.R. Bolton, Keith Preston, Sean Jobst, Mariella Shearer, Brett Stevens and Christopher Pankhurst."

Publication data

  • Evola: Thoughts & Perspectives, Volume One, Troy Southgate, 2011, Black Front Press, ISBN13 9781848303300