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Erich Fuchs (1902 – 1980) was an SS driver and mechanic, accused of being present or participating in mass killings during Action T4 and at "Aktion Reinhard" camps.

Despite his alleged involvement in various atrocities, Fuchs was acquitted at the Bełżec Trial and sentenced to only 4 years imprisonment at the Sobibor Trial. This lenient treatment may have been related to his politically correct "confessions".

More recently, Fuchs has become a frequently cited "witness" by those arguing that the alleged carbon monoxide killings occurred by using gasoline exhaust, rather than by using diesel exhaust. See Holocaust material evidence: Gas vans and gas chambers using diesel exhaust on this debate in general.

One example of criticisms of Fuchs's claims is regarding the engine type allegedly used at the Sobibor camp: "Fuchs described the engine as being a V-8 water-cooled Russian engine presumably from a armored vehicle or tractor. [...] As Fuchs gave a rather detailed account of the engine with which he was held to have had such an intimate connection, it is reasonable that we attempt to ascertain its make and model. The results of such investigation are startling: on the basis of reference works on Soviet tanks, tractors, and other vehicles, the engine described in Fuchs’ statement does not appear to correspond to any real engine. To add to the confusion, Fuchs also gave a completely different description of the engine in a later statement. By this latter account, the engine had four inline cylinders, and Fuchs didn’t know whether it was air- or water-cooled.[80] [...] has raised Fuchs to the level of chief witness on the gassing engine, stressing his importance (pp. 34, 291-292) and labeling him a “knowledgeable mechanic” (p. 317) they should explain why he gave two completely contradictory descriptions of this engine, the first of which does not correspond to any real engine. One can only pity the country whose ‘competent mechanics’ are unable to say whether the engines which they have themselves repaired and repeatedly operated have a V-8 or inline 4 engine, and who alternate between knowing that an engine is water-cooled and having no idea whether it is air- or water-cooled."[1]

See the "External links" section regarding other criticisms of Fuchs statements.

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