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Eli M. Rosenbaum (born May 8, 1955) is a former General Counsel of the World Jewish Congress and the 1994 - 2010 Director of the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations (OSI), an organization primarily responsible for identifying, denaturalizing, and deporting alleged National Socialist war criminals. In 2010, the OSI was merged into a new Human Rights and Special Prosecution Section. He is now the Director of Human Rights Enforcement Strategy and Policy in the new Department of Justice section.

Apparently, his Jewish background has not been considered a conflict of interest in his official government positions.

He was involved in the controversial John Demjanjuk series of legal proceedings.

Rosenbaum directed the World Jewish Congress investigation that "exposed" Kurt Waldheim, a former Wehrmacht officer, although an international committee of historians found no evidence of any personal involvement of Waldheim in alleged crimes.

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