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Colonel Edwin Marshall Hadley (born in Peoria. Illinois, October 14, 1872; died February 17, 1953) helped to organize The Paul Reveres, a nationalist organization founded in November 1932.[1] He was the author of several anti-Jewish books.

In 1929 he authored a novel Sinister Shadows focused on revolutionary teachings on college campuses.

Colonel Hadley is believed to be they author of two anti-Jewish pamphlets written under the pseudonym Earnest Sincere both published in Elgin, Illinois.[2]


  • Credenda (1924)
  • The Thoughtful Hour (1925)
  • Sinister Shadows (1929) novel
  • T.N.T. (1929)
  • Facing the Facts by "Earnest Sincere" (1933)
  • A Plan of Action by "Earnest Sincere" (1933)
  • Cahilla Unmasked (1934,reprint 1977)
  • The Rape of the Republic (1935)


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