Den forna seden

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Den forna seden vol 1
Author(s) Östen Kjellman
Language Swedish
Publisher Arktos
Pages 334
ISBN 978-1-907166-52-5

Den forna seden is a book by Östen Kjellman. The book is described as follows on the publisher's website:

"Den forna seden is a systematic description of the pre-Christian culture in the Nordic countries. The work consists of six parts. This first volume contains parts 1-3. Part 1 describes family life, the relationship between family members and the status of women in contemporary society. Part 2 explains and gives examples of the honor-concept, which was central in the pre-Christian peoples lives. It also discusses the accuracy of any conventional notions of the pre-Christian period and its people, with wide distribution. Part 3 consists of a review of the pre-Christian times art of writing and literature."

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