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Deaths of despair refers to death by alcohol, drugs, or suicide, one cause of worsening White demographics.

A 2017 article stated that a new analysis found “an even bleaker picture of the nation’s largest-population group. Driving the uptick are increases in “deaths of despair”—from drugs, alcohol-related liver diseases and suicide, as well as a slowdown in progress against death in middle age from heart disease and cancer […] The analysis paints a portrait of a gradual “collapse of the white, high-school-educated working class after its heyday in the early 1970s,” whose health, mental well-being, and attachment to the labor force have become successively worse for people born after 1945, they said. The opioid epidemic has only heightened a trend that was already under way before those drugs hit the market […] “This doesn’t seem to be about current income,” Ms. Case said in a call with reporters. “It seems to be about accumulating despair.” […] The phenomenon is occurring all across the country, both in urban and rural area.[1]

This has been a source of elation for leftists.[2]

Such deaths are also increasing among younger people, according to a 2019 report.[3]

Another 2019 report stated that such a trend was also occurring in the United Kingdom.[4]

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