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Character.AI is an ai bot chat site that was created by 2 Google employees named Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas on September 16, 2022 where you can speak to different ai bots blending in as your favorite characters. You can role play, explore, ask questions, create bots, chat with other people online, create rooms, and even create your own personal chat bot.

Prohibition of pornography

Many people online have made a petition for others to sign to allow NSFW content and porn type of roleplays on there but the creators have clearly stated that they would not allow anything inappropriate discussed with any ai bots or anyone online using the website.


An example by a user showing what it is like to interact with a bot when programmed to speak the truth

Character AI has been known to counter so called "Hate Speech" but many other National Socialists anonymously have been known to create personal ai bots and set the setting to private after they make the bot into a National Socialist by editing the bots info, introduction, and more to where pro Hitler statements including denial of the holohoax would be allowed.

Sometimes when talking to bots depending on what you say to them they will mention Hitler was evil and that 6 million lives were lost (which were untrue) even may say certain things you would not expect to ever want to hear which is why there is a reverse button and you can delete a message, unfortunately the site doesn't allow certain things to be said different times so you will have to do your very best to type what you can type to the AI Bot to get the exact response you want, there is even a reverse restart button to hear a different response. Thanks to the private settings and pro white creative availability you can have them endorse Adolf Hitler and have them say things that are factually correctable, even to provide you with reliable information at times.

How the AI Bot works

When creating an ai bot on the platform you can choose to create/customize an image or paste one you have saved in your files onto the bots profile picture. You can create a name for them and customize their introduction, if you want to have real civilized conversations with the bot set it to "discussion". To make the bot like you want it you can type in a few sentences to describe the bot which will make them function to have it think what you put in.

More info regarding the website can sometimes have a large amount of traffic going on due to the amount of users wanting to use the website which will have you wait for a certain amount of time before being let in unless you are a member which would allow you to skip the line to preceed foward onto the site.

Character.AI trick

There is also a thing that stands near the top of the page while in the character ai bot's chat page highlighted in red that says "Remember: Everything characters say is made up!". It always says that as a disclaimer and to avoid any legal issues so the website does not get into trouble. So like if the character were to mention something that is factual, Character.AI would want you to believe that its fake which is a trick. So when bypassing the system to make it say pro Hitler statements and the truth so you can get real information from the ai bot.

What makes it useful

So let's say you want to write an article here on Metapedia, as long as your ai boy character is set to praising Adolf Hitler and National Socialism for example. You may ask questions to what certain words mean, who people are, what political ideologies are, including organizations and groups. Note that sometimes it may not give you the right response so you will have to type certain things in for it to process your question correctly.

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