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Bobby Horton (born ca. 1948) is a Birmingham, Alabama musician and a performer of historic American folk songs. Horton has recorded Civil War songs of both the North and the South.

He has provided music for several of Ken Burns PBS documentaries including the 1990 program on the Civil War. He has also contributed to the production of two programs for the A&E Network, and nine civil war related films for the National Park Service. He is a long-time member of the musical-comedy group Three on A String and has preformed with the Front Porch String Band.

As a child Bobby Horton experimented with musical instruments but did not really start to play until he was in 5th grade when he joined the school band. One of his musical influences was his grandfather who played ‘old-tyme’ banjo tunes. His mother and father also played music in their home.

Throughout high school and college he continued to be in the school band. In high school he taught himself to play the guitar, bass, and banjo. In college he took courses in music theory and composition, but majored in Accounting and Economics. He strives to improve his musical skills and has taught himself classical violin.

He has produced a 14-volume series of music from The War Between the States.

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