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Assault Brigade (Brigda de Asalt)

Brigada de Asalt (Assault Brigade) is a Romanian nationalist band. Brigada de Asalt was formed at the beginning of 2004, and it is the first nationalist rock band from Romania. Its members are Nicolae Calota (guitar/voice), Tudor Ionescu (bass guitar) and Andrei Velicu (drums).

The band has a melodic and a contester style, a spontaneous one, having as objective to contribute to spreading of nationalist message among the young people, in response to the artificial rock bands, that are decadente, without a message, which are a pure product of the consuming society.

Brigada de Asalt use the music and verses as its weapons to denounce the power of money, desacralization of human society, deculturalization of the young generation, increase of the felonies, social misery and generalized corruption.


  • "O Românie Naţionalistă" ("A Nationalist Romania")
  • "Prezent!" ("Present!")

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