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Art, Espionage and Cover Ups is an article written by investigative intelligence journalist Alan Simpson concerning the Israeli Art Student spy ring and there relationship to the Arab hijackers of 9/11. The article first appeared in the online publication Spies Magazine in July 2002. Since then, the article has been difficult to find on the Internet. Portions of this article were later use for an article on Urban Moving Systems, a Mossad front operation, in the British intelligence magazine Eye Spy.[1]


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120 Israeli Spies have been deported quietly from the USA, and with them a disturbing secret.[2] The all powerful Israeli lobby insists that they were not deported for spying, as none were ever charged, merely for overstaying their student visas, and not doing their Art homework. Many of these mature "Art Students" were known intelligence officers, experts in bomb disposal, intelligence and many other disciplines, not associated with the Art world.

Many within US government agencies, are disgusted at the political interference and clamping down on ongoing investigations, with far reaching implications. As information comes out an even more disturbing pattern emerges.

These mature "Art Students" were widely dispersed around key military, and manufacturing facilities, and were stealing every secret they could find. That in itself is normal, and the Israelis have been blatantly doing that for years, that’s how you grow a nation. Of more serious concern is the fact, as sources report, when you compare the FBI list of wanted terrorists, and the leaked list of 120 Israeli mature "Art Students" the addresses are yards apart. This raises the devastating conclusion that the Israelis were shadowing the terrorists who carried out the attack on the World Trade Center, and had advance information, which according to sources close to the White House, was not shared with the United States.

From the original investigative report[3] breaking the story: "According to the FBI list, the Arab terrorist and suspect cells lived in the same neighborhoods as the Israeli cells in Irving, Texas and Hollywood and Miami, Florida from Dec. 2000 to April 2001. In the case of Irving, the Israeli cell used a rental mailbox in a shopping center just one block away from an Arab suspect's apartment. In Hollywood, the terrorists, including lead hijacker Mohammad Atta, the Egyptian who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center, used a rental mailbox drop two blocks from an apartment rented by an Israeli "art student" team leader."

The original report goes on to say, "It is not the only case where the Israelis were found to be in the same location as the Saudi cells. According to the DEA Report, another Israeli team operating out of Hollywood, Florida, led by team leader Hanan Serfaty lived at 4220 Sheridan St., #303, Hollywood, Florida 33021 (Emerald Greens Apartments) while the Saudi hijackers Khalid Al Midhar, Abdulaziz al Omari, Walid Al Shehri, and UAE national Marwan al Shehri, operated from a mail drop at Mailbox Rentals, 3389 Sheridan St. #256, Hollywood, Florida 33021-3608. Another Serfaty residence at 701 S. 21st Ave., Hollywood was located near the homes of Atta and Al Shehri, including a residence on Jackson Street, just a few blocks away, and the Bimini Motel Apartments, Apartment 8, at 1600 North Ocean Drive. On September 7, just days before their terrorist attack, Atta and Al Shehri spent several hours at Shuckums Oyster Bar and Grill at 1814 Harrison St., just blocks away from Serfaty's 21st Ave. residence. A Miami-based Israeli unit, led by Legum Yochai, operated from 13753 SW 90th Ave., Miami while hijacker Al Shehri lived nearby at Horizons Apartments, 8025 SW 107th Ave"

The Air Force issued an alert, from Tinker Air Force Base, in Oklahoma City, on April 30th, 2001, warning of intelligence collection by Israeli art students. Other law enforcement offices had similar alerts. This highly organized, and efficient network were ringing alarm bells throughout the counter intelligence community. Some of the "students" were experts in wiretaps, and electronic interception, and indications are that they benefited from Israeli telecommunications and software contracts, with sensitive US companies.

These incidents were in the months leading up to September 11th. During that same time we were receiving frantic calls from sources in the Middle East, that the CIA were ignoring their calls for increased vigilance, and that all indications were for a terrorist attack, involving one or more passenger planes, on the East Coast. Unlike the FBI, and CIA we had no knowledge of the huge Israeli espionage operation.

It appears from all information, from multiple sources, that whilst the FBI were conducting wholesale arrests, and imprisonment without trial, or indictment, of Muslims, and their supporters, the remaining Israelis were allowed to quietly slip back to Israel. It also appears that the questions that should have been asked of these "Art Students", under interrogation, were blocked by political pressure from Washington. It also appears that the remains of the net, those having many of the answers to the questions that Congress and the media should have been asking, were whisked to the safety of Israel, hours after the attack on September 11th.

The issue here is not that Israel mounted a well prepared, and executed intelligence gathering operation, but either the US leadership, US law enforcement, or the US intelligence community, were asleep at the switch, incompetent, or deliberately withheld information that would have saved 2600 lives, and the heart of a nation, for political purposes. We have been driven down the road like sheep, looking for bin Laden, and it is now time to ask about airport security on 9/11, as well as what was known, by whom, and when.

Or taking the lead from "Casablanca" we could go out and imprison a few hundred more Muslims and Arabs, and beat out of them what Israel knew, and did not tell…….. Or did they tell and we chose to ignore the warnings for a greater political goal. A New World Order?
Source: Spies Magazine (online publication) July 11, 2002, by Alan Simpson


  1. "Urban Moving Systems", Eye Spy, Issue Nine 2002
  2. Suspicious Activities Involving Israeli Art Students at DEA Facilities This report was an ongoing compellation of reports sent in from various government agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency. At the end of the report is a list of over 120 Israelis arrested and deported for trespassing upon government facilities.
  3. Obtained by Fox News Carl Cameron who had access to a copy of the official US Government report on the Israeli Art Student/Mossad spy affair. Copies of this report was late given to French Intelligence who later released it to French journalists.

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