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The American Eugenics Party was founded in 1964 by Samuel Andrisani. The party was headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The group advocated the voluntary sterilization of mothers receiving welfare and an absolute prohibition on interracial marriage.

The party was essentially a white supremacist organization with few actual members.



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The following Platform of the AMERICAN EUGENICS PARTY is presented to unite individuals and organizations in the United States and throughout the world in opposition to the dysgenic forces. With an increasing number of supporters for all, if not most, of the Platform, the eventual attainment of a Eugenic Society is assured:

1. RACE AND STOCK PURITY National laws must be enacted to prohibit marriage between the races and to encourage stock (ethnic group) purity. The negroes are too different genetically and will always be a source of conflict. Negroes must be resettled in Africa. The remaining genetic types are similar enough to associate amiably with one another, but the tendency for the different genetic types to live, work, and play in separate ghettos is to be encouraged.

2. NO PERSECUTION No race or stock is to be harshly treated. All caucasian stocks (Germans, Jews, Italians, Poles, etc.) are to remain separate and free from persecution or abuse and must unite to ward off the non-caucasian genetic threat.

3. QUANTITY CONTROL The United States is already over-populated. We must stop all immigration and impose birth controls.

4. QUALITY CONTROL Those genetic types within each race and stock having better traits will be encouraged to produce more offspring and those having the lesser qualities will be restricted in the number of their offspring.

5. EXPERTS RULE History shows that equal vote for unequal people eventually destroys society. Experts are to be selected through various improved qualification tests; all are eligible to take the tests; more than one expert is to be in each important position; and rotation of leadership among the qualified. Experts make fewer errors in all phases of life. This "civil-service-test" selection of leaders will promote confidence and efficiency.

6. INCENTIVE ECONOMICS A high incentive level is necessary in society because of acquired and hereditary differences. Those who are not capable are to be humanely treated and their basic needs guaranteed. To promote greater progress, significant creativity and other major contributions (societal necessities, acts of bravery, etc.) are to be specially rewarded. Depression and recessions can be cured through control of negative incentives and regulation of the medium of exchange. Wars due to economic struggles between different genetic types will be solved by controlling the availability of markets.

7. ROLE OF WOMEN The equalitarian and the overly-dependent outlooks toward women are incorrect. Women are not completely similar or different but are a combination of mental factors which are described as "complementary, opposite, and equal." The similarities allow women to do all routine tasks in society (menial to professional) and some types of research, but the differences (which are appropriate for the home) cause women to become dysgenic and socialistic when they are allowed to vote and occupy leadership positions in government, or other society molding roles (most churches recognize male-female mental differences).

8. NEUTRAL ON GOD The AMERICAN EUGENICS PARTY does not oppose any religion which upholds Eugenic Principles. As an organization, we do not take a position on the existence of God.

9. EDUCATION PROVISIONS Each will be guaranteed the opportunity to attain a basic education. Those with similar abilities will be grouped together for efficient learning and teaching as well as to provide compatible social contacts. The neighborhood school policy will be enforced. The curriculum will stress creativity to exercise the solving ability, and teaching methods which emphasize time-wasting, etc. answer withholding techniques will be discarded (no amount of environmental "brain stretching" can alter hereditary mental ability).

10. POSITIVE PUBLIC COMMUNICATION MEDIA Dysgenic acts and ideas will not be conveyed over the public communication media. Such expression is negative to young and impressionable minds and prevents a pleasant atmosphere for the capable. Suggestions to improve the communication media will be encouraged and handled through responsible authorities.

11. WHITE DEFECTIVES The caucasians are the controlling race in the world but the reason we do not have a Eugenic Society today is because of interfering, mentally deficient caucasians (White Defectives) in controlling positions (incorrect eugenic programs are a secondary cause). There are White Defectives who propose race mixing, while other White Defectives promote inter-caucasian strife - both prevent Eugenics but in different ways. White Defectives must be removed from controlling positions.

12. DYSGENIC RECREATION Violence-type sports such as boxing, bullfights, etc. are to be eliminated or suitably altered. These types of "recreations" help produce negative behavior in lesser mental types because they promote disregard for human and animal life.

13. ANTI-VICE Laws are to be enacted and enforced to prohibit gambling, alcoholism, smoking in public places, prostitution, sexual perversion, narcotics, obscene display in literature, movies, etc. and other vices. Happiness, health, and progress are endangered by these dysgenic acts.

14. ANTI-POLLUTION Pollution of water, air, and food is now such a serious problem that mental and physical well-being are affected. Strict laws must be enacted to stop pollution if hereditary potentials are to be fully realized (a deficient basic environment can retard or obstruct a hereditary potential).

15. EUGENIC MARRIAGES Eugenic marriages will be encouraged through a nationwide classification of all marriageable individuals. Those with similar qualities will be encouraged to meet and eventually marry. Today many do not marry because they are unable to find suitable partners. Those who marry unsuitable mates are not only unhappy in marriage (which often leads to divorce - an increasing tendency) but bring forth undesirable offspring. Unhappy marriages, divorces, and undesirable offspring can only be solved through a "mate-location system." Your evaluation or support (as a promoter and/or financial contributor) of the above Platform, (which is designed to unify those having common principles; prevent genetic threats; and evolve a Eugenic Society), is requested.
Source: American Philosophical Society [1]

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