A Handbook of Traditional Living: Style & Ascesis

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The Bent Pyramid
Author(s) Raido
Language English
Genre(s) Culture, Politics
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2020
Pages 122
ISBN 1912975742

A Handbook of Traditional Living: Style & Ascesis is a book by Raido, published in 2020 by Arktos. This work represents volume II of the Handbook of Traditional Living series.

Publisher description

"The second volume of A Handbook of Traditional Living continues the project of the first: to resurrect perennial values for a Traditionalist lifestyle in an anti-Traditional world, and to provide concrete and desperately needed advice for those who wish to break free of the spell of a deadening and desert-like modernity.

Deeply inspired by Julius Evola, René Guénon, and the Traditionalism of which they were foremost exponents, A Handbook of Traditional Living: Style and Ascesis confronts the fundamental questions of family, friendship, work, genders and marriage, religion and spirituality, and what it means to be a militant of the Tradition in today’s increasingly confused and fragmented society. The result is a treasure trove of wisdom, concisely providing the practical and theoretical bedrock for the Traditionalist worldview and ethic in one’s day-to-day life, thereby giving new breath to a lifestyle, vision and philosophy that has too long been lacking from our world."[1]



Premise: Born Among the Ruins

Part One: General Orientations

1. The Path of Tradition

1.1 The Principles of Tradition

1.2 The Challenge of the Tradition

1.3 To Free Oneself from Masks

2. The Differentiated Man

2.1 Present-day Activism

2.2 Differentiated Action

2.3 Action Becomes Rite

2.4 The Holy War

3. The Two Races: Aristocracy and Democracy

3.1 Democracy and the Corruption of Man

3.2 The Traumatised Man and the Man of Elusive Race

3.3 Traditional Orientation: The Virtue of the Noble Man

4. The Path of Greatest Resistance

4.1 Individualism and Vitalism

4.2 The Doctrinal Points of Reference

4.3 The Elite: Hierarchy

4.4 Militancy and Desertion

Part Two: Vita Est Militare

5. The Family

5.1 The Decadence of the Traditional Model

5.2 The Militant and Relations with Parents

5.3 Marriage

5.4 Parenting

5.5 Responsible Choices

6. Relations between the Sexes

6.1 The Nature of the Sexes

6.2 Polarity and Complementarity of the Sexes

6.3 Woman: Gift and Dedication

6.4 Rectification of the Sexes

7. Confrontation with the World of Work

7.1 Work as Pain

7.2 Ernst Jünger’s Worker

7.3 Committing Oneself: Studying or Working

7.4 Craftsmanship and Farming

8. Youth, Between Alienation and Militancy

8.1 The Society of Men

8.2 The Flight from Reality and Life as ‘Nonsense’

8.3 Friendship and Camaraderie: Youths Among the Ruins

9. The Revolt against the World of the Masses

9.1 Contemporary Politics and the New World Order

9.2 Beyond an Anachronistic Vision

9.3 The Law of Elective Affinities

9.4 An Operational Method: The Three Planes

10. Spirit and Religiosity

10.1 Religions and Christianity

10.2 Neospiritualism

10.3 Neopaganism

10.4 Militancy and Religiosity

Conclusions: Style Makes Action

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Publication data

  • A Handbook of Traditional Living: Style & Ascesis, Raido, 2020, Arktos, ISBN-10: 1912975742, ISBN-13: 978-1-912975-74-7

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