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The Silver Legion Ranger (1933-1934) later The Silver Ranger was a four page tabloid newspaper published by William Dudley Pelley, the head of the Silver Shirts of America. The publication was initially directed toward discontented farmers and ranchers, primarily in the Midwest. The motto on the paper was "For Christ and Constitution."[1]

The Silver Legion Ranger was first published on Nov. 1, 1933, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and for a few months Silver Shirt members in that state operated under the name the Silver Rangers.[2] In January 1934 the paper was moved to Los Angeles and taker over by Eugene R. Case. Case was the California leader of the Silver Shirts and started his own breakaway group. The new organization quickly sunk into debt leaving Pelley to assume their debts and restarting the The Silver Ranger with James H. Craig as the new editor.[3] The The Silver Ranger eventually grew to a publication with 30,000 circulation..[4]


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