National Revival of Poland

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National Revival of Poland
Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski.png
Political position Polish nationalism
National Catholicism
Leader Adam Gmurczyk
Country Poland
Existence 1981–present
Headquarters Warsaw, Poland
Affiliation European National Front
International Third Position
Colours Red, white

The National Revival of Poland (Polish: Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), often abbreviated to NOP, is a Polish nationalist party. The party was founded on 10 November 1981 when Poland was under an open tyranny of Communist dictatorship. The party is today a member of the European National Front.


The party originated as a discussion group for the youth during the time of the Communist dictatorship in Poland, founded on 10 November 1981. The National Revival of Poland considers itself the heirs in spirit of the National Radical Camp Falanga under Bolesław Piasecki, which existed in Poland until 1945 (and uses the same symbol). Influenced in part by the Falange Española of José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the ONR-Falanga mixed fascism (broad sense), with a devout Catholicism. Their highly religious nationalist worldview was similar to the Legion of the Archangel Michael of Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. As Polish nationalists, they were opposed to the German occupation.

The National Revival of Poland joined the Christian National Union for a time when it was established in 1989, but left the following year.

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