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Howard Victor Borenstrupp (born February 3, 1886 in Ohio, died November 11, 1963 in San Francisco, also H. V. Broenstrupp, Howard Victor Borens-Trupp and de Broenstrup)[1] was a patent lawyer in Ohio and Indiana and a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. For a period of time he worked for the W.P.A. as a researcher.

He was a close associate of William Dudley Pelley[2] and Major-General Cherep-Spiridovich. Broenstrupp was an editor of Cherep-Spiridovich's The Gentiles' Review and published his book Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand after his death.

Broenstrupp married Marguerite Carmichael of Asheville, North Carolina around 1940.[3]


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