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Ernest Frederick Elmhurst, previously Hermann Fleischkopf (July 27, 1891 - March 1, 1967) was the author of the book, The World Hoax (1939).[1] In August 1937 he was an American delegate to the Pan-Aryan Anti-Jewish Union in Erfurt, Germany. The international conference was sponsored by World Service.

Elmhurst was the head of the Pan-Aryan Alliance.

Elmhurst was a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. During the trial he worked as a head waiter at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington. Political gossip columnist Walter Winchell, learned of this and pushed for Elmhurst's dismissal on his national radio show and got him fired.[2]

In October 1945 Elmhurst was arrested in New York City with Homer Maerz, a publisher of articles on Jewish ritual murder and Kurt Mertig, a pro-German leader of the Citizens' Protective League on charges of unlawful assembly and selling pamphlets on Jewish ritual murder.[3] Maerz had an additional charge of disorderly conduct. All three were found guilty. Mertig and Elmhurst received a six month sentence in a work house. Maerz was sentenced to one year in the city prison.

In 1952 and 1956 he secretly went inside East Germany to observe conditions in that communist country.


  • The Latest Jewish Frameup in New York


  • The World Hoax (Introduction by William Dudley Pelley. Includes index. Contents: This Book -- The Premise -- The Six-Pointed Star of Jewish Communism: Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Bela Kun, Stalin, Litvinoff -- Communism, a Jewish Stratagem -- Communism as a World Movement -- What Communism Would Mean to the United States.)

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