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Eldon Lee Edwards (June 8, 1909 - August 1, 1960) was an auto factory worker and Imperial Wizard of the U.S. Klans, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan founded in Georgia, October 1955. The U.S. Klans was once one of the largest Klan organizations in the nation with an estimated 50,000 members.

Edwards worked as a paint spryer at the Fisher Body Plant an instillation of General Motors in Atlanta, Georgia. He was a member of Local 34 of the United Auto Workers.[1]

In May 1957 Edwards did a national interview with CBS television journalist Mike Wallace.

Edwards, long diagnosed with heart disease, died of a heart attack in Atlanta on August 1, 1960. In his last public appearance, Edwards said, "We have more right to organize than the communists and the NAACP," and added, "We white people are the inheritors of this country. We do not intend to surrender it".[2]

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