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Andrzej Grzegorz Suda, born 4th of January 1959 in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland. Currently resides in Switzerland. Both parents were elementary school teachers. Patriotism is deeply rooted in Suda's clan. One of his cousins, Captain Walenty Suda was in charge of the attack on the NKVD Camp in Rembertów, largest military operation against Stalinist forces to free prisoners scheduled to be sent to Siberia. [1] Strong ethical and patriotic values preserved within his family prevented any moral deformation caused by every day living in a corrupt communist state. Early in life he decided to leave Orwellian world of the Soviet Block. He studied Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pieknych) in Warsaw. During this period was active with the Independent Students Union (the students arm of Solidarity). On the professional side, he was responsible for the creation of the field altar outside the Jasna Gora Monastery [2]. The altar was for the 1 Million people Mass celebrated by the Pope John Paul II during his second visit to Poland. The significance of this creation lies in the cross design incorporating the “PW” (Polska Walczaca or Fighting Poland) symbol of the Polish underground army [3]. Despite threats of arrests and other repressions, aforementioned cross was put in place at the last moment before the Pope (and the media) arrival preventing any potential police intervention. No arrests followed - already weakening communist regime did not want to inflame the situation by persecuting a few monks and one art student for making the famous Polish historical symbol present on TV screens around the globe. He graduated and as soon as it was possible immigrated to the U.S.A. There, after a few months of work as a painter, he opened his own business concentrating on painting and decorating churches, hotels and villas. The dream of normal life did not last long. Below is a synopsis of what happened later written in his own words. Please do not forget looking into References.

My name is Andrzej Suda. I was born in Poland but for the last 24 years lived in the USA. I witnessed a treason committed on the highest levels of the American government and law enforcement. Fourteen years later I am finding myself with my career and my life destroyed, forced to run away just to save my life. I am an Industrial Designer. Graduated in 1982, one of the two first professionally trained car designers in Eastern Block. The London DESIGN Magazine wrote in March of 1983 a short article about me and my class graduation. In 1985 I immigrated to the USA, looking for normal life away from communism. Unfortunately I didn't know that Polish government did not forget about me. Approximately a year and a half later, through a string of arranged "coincidences" I met an attractive girl, also a Polish immigrant. Her role was, as I found out later, to become my girlfriend, perhaps eventually wife, use me (this naïve artistic type) as her cover and do her intelligence work. As far as I know her role was to penetrate the highest levels of the U.S. law enforcement (especially DEA, FBI and Air Force Investigations), politics and defence industry by befriending and compromising their members. Somewhere in the spring of 1995 I started to realise my situation. It wasn't because I suddenly became smarter than usual. I was already very sick, dying from the slow poisoning with RICIN. My girlfriend knowing that I could die any day, became less careful with her actions. This helped me to wake-up and to understand what was going on. I begun to quickly collect evidence, hoping to go to the Police, FBI and other agencies, and to end the nightmare I was living in. WRONG! All the law enforcement agencies were initially extremely interested. They had no doubt my case was real and very serious. The Criminal Intelligence Unit of the San Diego Police even helped me to get a Concealed Weapon Permit (permit to carry a gun all the time) because the evidence they collected indicated I was in a grave danger. After a few months all the law enforcement agencies I approached were forced by somebody to stop investigations. The most dramatic was my experience with the FBI. The FBI wasn't interested to investigate my case at all – instead they informed the Polish intelligence network about my actions. You can understand why I feel lucky to be alive today! I asked the highest law enforcement agency in America to help me in this situation – to investigate the FBI betrayal and to bring guilty to justice. This highest law enforcement agency is not widely known. It is called the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice (shortly O.I.G.). O.I.G. was created to investigate crimes committed by agents of FBI, CIA, DEA and other federal agencies. With the help of the O.I.G. I was able to collect hard evidence of the FBI treason. What do you think happened next? Well, the O.I.G. investigator was transferred from San Diego to San Francisco and stopped his investigation! In 1999 he was interviewed by a journalist Jeff Nyquist and admitted (I quote): "There is a problem at the Justice Department in Washington. Things were being short-circuited at the top. For some strange reasons, spies connected to Eastern European Mafia organizations were being allowed to operate freely on American soil" (end of quote). Through my painful experiences I learned that my survival depends on how quickly and how widely I can publish my evidence. The Italian association against organized and institutionalized abuse published my case on it’s website and, additionally, in 2005 in a book titled "IT'S ABUSE NOT SCIENSE FICTION". In the USA two journalists investigated my case and wrote articles. Also, I was a guest on several radio shows of the independent radio stations. This prevented me from having so popular between unwanted people "deadly car crash" or a "heart attack" Now my suspicious death would only confirm the seriousness of my case. Instead of getting eliminated, I became a target of all imaginable forms of harassment: from a string of never ending "bad luck" events to set-ups with car crashes, lawsuits and IRS investigations. All were based on fabricated charges, aimed to destroy my life (at the best) or (at the worst) to make me an ordinary criminal and put into the prison. With the extreme amount of effort, help of a few (still existing!) good people and some good luck I was able to avoid the worst. Nevertheless, my career and my life was finally destroyed. What is my conclusion? The Cold War wasn't real. The ruling forces of this planet need a perpetual enemy in order to keep the general population under control. Those who have read "1984" by George Orwell remember Emanuel Goldstein and his role. That's all….so simple. Even before I begun to suspect my girlfriend, some honest people at the State Department discovered her real profession and attempted to deport her. Nobody else, but a Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces Committee of the U.S. Congress, Congressman Duncan Hunter stopped the deportation procedure and gave her a Green Card with a new "A" number. The old file under her original "A" number (where the reasons of deportation were attached) simply disappeared. This is treason! A treason committed by the American official with the highest, equal to the president, security clearance! Was he punished for betraying his country? No, he was one of the presidential candidates during last election. So, my conclusion is that the Cold War was a staged performance necessary for the maintenance of existing Status Quo. Everybody who discovered the truth (or just asked too many questions) was eliminated. Now, after the "collapse" of communism, much more full-proof and universal “enemy” was created – terrorism, and "the show goes on…."


Below is a link to my documentation published on the website of the Italian association against organized and institutionalized abuse: [4] Click ENTRA/ENTER to go to my testimonies. Click on those „click-able“ numbers to view individual pages of documentation. The book „It’s abuse NOT science fiction“ containing the same material is available by mail order from:

                                                                                 LIBRERIA CORTINA TORINO
                                                                                 Corso Marconi 34/a, 10125 Torino, Italy

Link to an article written for the about my case: [5] A quote from this article:

"Both Andrzej Suda and Mikhail told their stories to the FBI. But in both cases the FBI did nothing. A ranking law enforcement official familiar with Suda's case, whom I interviewed while researching the Suda story, thought there was a problem at the Justice Department in Washington. Things were being short-circuited at the top, he believed. For some strange reason, spies connected to East European mafia organizations were being allowed to operate freely on American soil."

An article about my case written for the[] A quote from this article:

"American citizen, Andrew Suda of Poland, has been poisoned and almost killed by his girlfriend, working as an undercover operative with apparent assistance from Homeland Security and the U.S government "
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