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Origin Canada
Genres Rock Against Communism
Gothic rock
Years active 1989-1997
Labels Resistance Records
Past members
George Eric Hawthorne, aka George Burdi (lead vocals/guitar)
Jon Latvis (lead guitar/piano/cello/keyboards/backing vocals)
Graham Stolz (rhythm guitar)
Carl Alexander (synthesizers)
Jim Jones (bass guitar)
After their album Cult of the Holy War was recorded, three new members were added:
Mike Nochtem (drums)
Eric Wolf (aka Eric Fairburn) (rhythm guitar)
Angelo Ables (tech support)

RaHoWa is was a Canadian White Power band that played goth metal with some elements of neo-classical metal. The band name is an abbreviation of Racial Holy War. They released two albums between 1993 and 1995.



The band was founded by George Burdi using the pseudonym George Eric Hawthorne. Burdi was a white racialist, and at one time the leader of the Creativity Movement and the owner of Resistance Records that acted as the groups distributor. Burdi was lead vocalist. He was convicted of assault causing bodily harm in 1995 for kicking a leftist Anti Racist Action agitator Alicia Reckzin in the face during a riot that followed a RaHoWa concert in Ottawa in 1993.

Rahowa's first album displayed a typical post-Oi racialist punk/metal sound, however, influences such as Moonspell, Type O Negative, Current 93, Danzig and neo-classical and epic metal influences crept into the picture on their second album, Cult of the Holy War, which received some good mainstream reviews and comment. It can be surmised that the band may have had more mainstream metal success if they would have dropped the racialist stand and lyrics.

Declaration Of War Lineup

Early RaHoWa Lineup
  • George Eric Hawthorne aka George Burdi (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
  • Jon Latvis (Lead Guitar/Piano/Cello/Keyboards/Backing Vocals)
  • Graham Stolz (Rhythm Guitar)
  • Carl Alexander (Synthesizer)
  • Jim Jones (Bass)

Cult Of The Holy War Lineup

Cult Of The Holy War Artwork

  • Mike Nochtem (Drums)
  • Eric Wolf (Rhythm Guitar)
  • Clark McMillan (Bass)
  • unidentified female member (Violin).

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