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Matthew Heimbach

Matthew W. Heimbach (born 1991) is a European American advocate of White identity. A graduate of Towson University, he is well known for his years of student activism. He served as President of the Towson chapter of Youth for Western Civilization during the 2011-2012 school year, President[1] of the Towson University White Student Union during the 2012-2013 school year, and is currently National Director of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), a pro-White youth activist organization. Recently, Heimbach received national attention when he confronted and shoved a Black Lives Matter protester at a Donald Trump rally.[2] [3]



Upbringing and heritage

Matthew W. Heimbach was born in Poolesville, Maryland[4] to Karl S. Heimbach, a high school history, and his wife Margaret M. Heimbach (née Sears)[5] in 1991. He would be the first of three children born into a Catholic family of German, English, and Irish ancestry.[6] An accomplished student, he attended Poolesville High School, where he regularly made honor roll and even earned straight A's through some grading periods, and graduated in 2009.[7] As he later reflected in an October 2012 interview with Greg Johnson, his awakening began at this time, from when he was about 14. Hailing from a family active in hunting, selections he discovered at gun show book tables played an important part in his formation. He especially credited Sam Francis's book On Race with opening his eyes to the reality of race.[8] According to a 2013 interview with The Daily Beast, while at Poolesville High Heimbach attempted to form a White Student Union, but the idea was shot down by the administration.[9] Aspiring to become a history teacher like his father, Heimbach took up studies at Montgomery College in fall 2009.[10] While there, he had dealings with the College Republicans, and headed the school chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.[11][12]

During his second year, Heimbach stirred up mild controversy advocating for a Confederate memorial for his hometown. In an effort to understand the Southern perspective in the American Civil War, he had read up on the war, and discovered that his grandmother's great-grandfather, Joseph R. James, had served in the 22nd North Carolina Infantry, losing both his father and the family farm in the course of the conflict. Coming to see the Southern cause "like a tea party conservative against big government," rather than simply the defense of slavery, Heimbach joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans in January 2011, and is a member of the 8th Virginia Infantry. He spoke before the Poolesville Parks Board on May 4 of that year, on the occasion of the sesquicentennial of the war, proposing a memorial to the Confederate veterans of Poolesville.[13] Despite the town's firm support of the South (Poolesville passed a resolution in favor of secession at the war's outset, and many residents crossed into Virginia to serve the Confederacy) officials were wary of honoring only the South, and left responsibility for raising funds, even for a statue or plaque commemorating both sides, to the student Heimbach.[14]

Student activism at Towson

Youth for Western Civilization (2011-2012)

After receiving his Associate of Arts at Montgomery in 2011, Heimbach transferred to Towson University in 2011.[15] By September, the new student was already making headlines in The Towerlight, Towson's student newspaper, as he sought to establish a chapter of Youth for Western Civilization on campus.[16] John Donovan, whom Heimbach had known since high school,[17] helped out and became the group's Vice President.[18] Opposition came from liberals parroting Southern Poverty Law Center reports as well as from the Black Student Union and other non-White racial organizations. Initially, Heimbach took a very conciliatory approach, stating in a Towerlight video interview that he aimed to "revitalize the political atmosphere in universities that seems to have been lost," and introduced himself to the leaders of the Progressive Democrats, and to the heads of Latino and LGBT groups at a club fair shortly after transferring as a show of friendship, hoping "to promote good, positive debate, and create that sort of culture, where, even if we disagree, hopefully at the end of the day we can still go out for pizza together." When asked to define Western Civilization, he did so in purely cultural terms.[19]

The group's first event was commemoration of the September 11 attacks at a 9/11 memorial held jointly with the College Republicans. Other events focused on protesting a Maryland Heritage Day with emphasis on Frederick Douglass, and a Zionist propaganda handout with materials from the David Horowitz Foundation (which was poorly attended),[20] along with populist opposition to homosexual marriage and illegal immigration.[21] Even these gestures and the impartial treatment by The Towerlight were barely enough; on September 14 the group gained official approval in a 10-5 Student Government Association vote, with the student senators largely overriding a hostile crowd of over 150 students and administrators that attended the SGA meeting.[22]

Heimbach speaking before the Towson SGA. At meeting's end, the student government voted to grant Youth for Western Civilization official status.

In its year of activity, the YWC chapter invited conservative activist and campaign manager Bay Buchanan to speak at the school,[23] held a Straight Pride Day (the event was constantly disrupted by protesters sitting on the floor and spouting sound bites in protest),[24] an anti-communist Nativity scene,[25] and held an anti-Sharia protest outside an event sponsored by the campus Muslim group.[26] Fair-minded Torchlight Editor-in-Chief Lauren Slavin decried the "double standard" by which campus liberals hoped to rob the group of its freedom of speech, but the student body remained largely hostile.[27]

"Chalkings" and loss of SGA status

In early March 2012, Heimbach decided to use YWC to raise awareness of the Boer genocide, while simultaneously sending positive messages about White identity on campus. YWC members chalked messages such as "White pride," "Stop the South African genocide," and "It's okay to be White" on sidewalks across the campus; chalking campaigns on campus sidewalks is a time-honored Towson tradition, and wholly permissible so long as the messages can be washed away by the rain. Heimbach expected controversy, but was taken aback by the wholesale outrage against the YWC, and had to hurry back to campus when a member told him about an angry 400 student rally in the Union. For four hours countless speakers, led by Black Student Union Vice President Ignacio Evans, berated Heimbach and his supporters, insisting they feared for their safety because of the pro-White, anti-genocide chalkings, even as they vastly outnumbered Heimbach and his allies, and told him that it is never okay to be proud to be White. Heimbach responded by noting the hypocrisy of the Black Student Union and other racial campus groups for not welcoming a White equivalent organization, and criticized Evans for his Black Nationalist attire, including a shirt festooned with a Black Panther Party militant he had been photographed wearing.[28] He also informed the community that eight YWC members had received rape and death threats, and suspected members of the Black Student Union (Heimbach had gone to the Towson University Police Department (TUPD) with printed instances of harassment that had happened on Facebook, but the department refused to get involved despite the hard evidence).[29] Outside Towson, the story made the news. Regardless, relations between the Black and White student unions were not always marked by hostility. During the next semester BSU President Jonathan Smith remarked that Heimbach was "really polite." Smith said that "He doesn’t want diversity, but I’ve never felt like he’s trying to belittle me or not want to be in my presence. We’ve just talked and chilled.”[30]

The coming days were marked by back-and-forth polemics. A female student protested that the Black Student Union was spreading lies, such as that YWC had been chalking "White power" rather than "White pride," and even that the YWC was affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan,[31] while veteran pro-White activist Kyle Bristow typed up a supportive letter published in The Towerlight,[32] though others used the paper to condemn the group.[33][34] On March 27, the paper reported that Dr. Richard Vatz,[35] a Professor of Mass Communications and Republican who authors a weblog on Maryland politics, had announced he would no longer serve as advisor for the Youth for Western Civilization chapter, and the SGA was not slow in duly removing the group's official status. Dismayed, Heimbach considered joining the College Libertarians, but the idea was poorly received due to the latter's hostility to social conservatism and ethnic identity, and he ended up passing the rest of the semester in relative quiet.[36]

White Student Union (2012-2013)

In Heimbach's dealings with the Black Student Union, supporters frequently noted the conspicuous absence of a White Student Union to similarly recognize White interests, and in an interview with the Southern Nationalist Network shortly after the "chalkings" observed that YWC was a "de facto" White Student Union.[37] Hoping to make good on what he saw as legitimate hopes and interests engendered by his activism during the last school year, and to "tackle the final frontier as far as multiculturalism and diversity,"[38] he announced his intention to form a White Student Union (WSU) at the beginning of the fall 2012 semester. He ended the appeal with a version of the 14 Words:

We must protect the security of Europeans and a future for the next generation.[39]

He spent the following days advertising the new group. From the eight or nine YWC supporters who had not graduated, seventeen students mustered to submit their information for the process to make the WSU a reality; eventually the union would count over two dozen. Supporters hung posters, sporting the famous "Love Your Race" design, across Towson, though protesters tore them from the walls not long after they were posted. Heimbach also met with the SGA advisor concerning the path to recognition. Assistant Vice President for Student Diversity Victor Collins commented on the prospective organization, to which he offered no objections, but could not conscience on equal footings with Towson's Black and LGBT groups.

I have no objection to students creating an organization if they follow the procedure... However, I don’t think they should have their own space or office on campus because it would promote the idea that white students have the same experience on campus as African American students and LGBT students, and that’s just not true.

Not eligible for Black privilege on campus, Heimbach knew his was an uphill fight, and even though he wished another student might take the helm given the stress, he continued his White advocacy through the semester.[40] A bevy of Left wing social science professors,[41], alumni,[42] and social justice lobbies[43] denounced the group; even Maravene Loeschke, the President of Towson University,[44] belittled the WSU as "hurtful," "offensive," and "unfortunate," and not consistent with the "values" of the university. As he later confided to Greg Johnson, Towson professors openly told him they found him "disgusting," and that his views belonged in the 1950s. However, he also received many thank-yous and encouragements, both from fellow students too apprehensive to join the WSU, and from members of the local community.[45]

Jared Taylor event

For the WSU's first event Heimbach invited American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor, whom he had long admired, to give an address explaining the rationale for a White Student Union. Given the group's unaffiliated status, the university refused them a free venue, and demanded they pay for their own security, initially asking $3,600 for a room seating 200. Heimbach was able to work the figure down to $1,600 in negotiations with the administration and campus police.[46] He had only one day to raise the money, but succeeded, gathering much of the sum from a drive on the American Renaissance website.[47]

The event, held on October 2, drew an overflow crowd, as beyond the nearly 250 listeners packed into the auditorium, roughly 200 others had to be turned away at the door.[48] Several members of the Maryland/DC Council of Conservative Citizens were among the audience, and distributed copies of the Citizens Informer, Jared Taylor's White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, and other racialist literature to interested attendees.[49] The audience, a great part of which was non-White (President Loeschke traveled around the room apologizing to them during the speech),[50] was frequently raucous, and an administration official stepped forward to remind them to be civil several times. After a brief introduction by Heimbach, Taylor delivered his address, "The Case for White Identity", in less than half an hour, but spent nearly an hour answering mainly hostile questions (and often simply receiving accusations of racism), mainly from Blacks, though a handful of questioners were friendly. As the event ended, a handful of hooligans burst through the door behind the stage (which the thirteen officers on hand had evidently failed to secure), and hurled cusses and insults at Taylor for a few seconds before retreating.[51] When questioned later as to how this could have happened, given the past unhelpfulness of the TUPD, Heimbach considered their collaboration with the perpetrators as much a possibility as negligence.[52]

Thrilled with the turnout, Heimbach planned to continue the WSU's activities apace by hosting an affirmative action bake sale a fortnight or so later, but was barred from the endeavor due to the group's continued unaffiliated status.[53] During this continued limbo, Heimbach was given a not wholly unsympathetic reception by Black New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow in "The Meaning of Minority," a December 12 op-ed that gave serious consideration to the possibility of an acceptable White identity.[54]

Second Semester

On February 11, 2013, Heimbach posted a lengthy "Christian Declaration" to the WSU blog, in which he affirmed his Christian faith and the importance of Christianity in rescuing the Occident, and strongly denounced National Socialism, neopaganism, and hate groups, albeit according to a clearer definition than those used by Marxist hate group trackers. While he distanced the pro-White movement from the legacy of the Third Reich, he paid tribute to the soldiers who fought in Operation Barbarossa, and drew close to White nationalism, speaking of "the promised land of a nation in which whites can live and raise our children safely."[55] This led one disgruntled WSU member to attempt a vote of no confidence, but he could not find any support. At the meeting Heimbach moved to bring Alternative Right editor Richard Spencer to campus as their next speaker within two months, and the proposal passed unanimously;[56] however, the event never took place.

On April 1, Heimbach was interviewed by CNN. Shortly thereafter, some 200 students opposed to Heimbach staged a rally against the WSU; evidently channeling Barack Obama, the rally in favor of the status quo was dubbed "Be the Change." Ashamed that the presence of a patriot was picked up by the media, President Loeschke and the campus police chief were among the speakers to distance Towson from the senior and his fellow scholars.[57]

CPAC 2013
Heimbach at CPAC 2013, wearing a Celtic cross, devotional medal, George Wallace 1968 presidential campaign pin, and a sticker for Patriot Voices, a group headed by Rick Santorum, on a Confederate flag t-shirt.

Determined to promote European-American preservation, in March Heimbach led a 23 member contingent to attend the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference.[58] Although not given any official capacity, the White Student Union garnered significant attention by trolling a panel led by two Blacks, self-proclaimed "Frederick Douglass Republicans", entitled "Trump the Race Card: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Called a Racist and You Know You're Not One?" Member Scott Terry, seated next to Heimbach, challenged the speaker's emphasis on Black outreach at the expense of Southern Whites, suggesting they instead be Booker T. Washington Republicans and endorse racial segregation. Losing control of the audience, the speaker began to cite a letter in which Douglass forgave his former master; Terry interrupted, asking, "For giving him shelter and food?" An uproar ensued, evidently as planned, and Terry joked, "I think people should throw food at me." When the speaker began, "Dr. King interacted and impacted..." Heimbach broke in, "We don't need Marxists in the Republican Party!" after which Terry told the audience about King's links to communists. Despite the tense exchanges, order was restored, and according to the hosts Heimbach and Terry "left as friends." Speaking with a reporter who had been seated beside him at the panel Heimbach, "very cheery and clearly enjoying being a troll," elaborated on his support of voluntary segregation through freedom of association, which as he noted was the position taken by William F. Buckley and his mainstream conservative National Review in the 1960s, but rejected the term "racist". The story appeared in The Atlantic,[59] The Daily Kos,[60] The Huffington Post,[61] Slate,[62] the Anti-Defamation League blog,[63] and other periodicals, where it was usually presented as evidence of racism in the conservative movement. As the latter tried to dissociate itself from Terry and Heimbach, James Kirkpatrick viewed their stunt as "The End of Conservatism Inc.", hailing the pair he believed "torpedoed any hopes that the American Conservative Union (ACU) had of disassociating 'conservatism' from its essence as an implicitly white movement when they brought up racially sensitive topics at a farcical panel dedicated to white self-flagellation" on VDare.

The center cannot hold. Heimbach and Terry showed that even a couple of diversity dissidents can utterly discredit any Conservatism Inc. event by simply highlighting the GOP's hypocritical reliance on its white base.
Heimbach and Terry proved that the GOP's preferred strategy of wishful thinking won't work. If a multimillion-dollar public relations campaign can be “ruined” by two students, it was built upon sand.
The historic American Conservative Movement is dead. Conservatism Inc. exists as a racket. For immigration patriots, the only question is—what comes next?[64]
Battle of May Day
Matthew Heimbach confronting screaming Marxists on May 1, 2013 in what would come to be known as the May Day Battle.
On May Day, a traditional European holiday long hijacked by international socialists, eight members of the WSU demonstrated on behalf of blue-collar White workers in Washington, D.C. Bearing signs reading "Commies are class traitors," "100+ Million Killed by Communism," and "Smash Left Wing Scum," as well as the Betsy Ross flag, Gadsden flag, flag of South Africa before the Marxist takeover, Cross of St George, and the Confederate battle flag, they received support from passing veterans, Christians, and Eastern Europeans who had lived through communism. Gathered in Lafayette Square, they formed a line in the middle of the street and confronted a communist/anarchist horde flying dozens of Red flags. Numbering more than 400 and fresh from terrorizing a local GAP store and clashing with the heavily outmanned police,[65] the Leftist mob halted before the line, and began to jeer in doggerel antifa rhymes and shout, calling the WSU "Nazis" despite the absence of National Socialist symbols, and threatening the group's women, yelling, "We'll rape you Nazi bitches!" The WSU remained peacable--Scott Terry greeted the approaching host with a Christian "Bless you," and went on to oblige their insinuations of National Socialism with mock goose stepping, while Heimbach chewed gum--until a communist attempted to steal the Gadsden flag. Heimbach and others clashed with
Banner celebrating WSU victory in the May Day Battle.[66]
the Marxists to retrieve the flag while the latter tossed bottles of urine at the WSU[67] until police broke up the fighting, though later scuffles broke out when the Reds attempted to steal the Cross of St George and Confederate banner. One Red was arrested by a uniformed member of the Secret Service. Outnumbered fifty to one, the WSU had held its position, and was the last to leave the street, departing with the chant, "Whose streets? OUR STREETS," and singing "Dixie" as the routed Reds, their event cancelled, sang "Solidarity Forever". [68]

News of the street victory regaled nationalists across the country. It was the subject of a RAMZPAUL video,[69] and was celebrated[70] and interviewed[71] by the Southern Nationalist Network, and became known as the May Day Battle or Battle of May Day.[72] The Huffington Post,[73] CNN,[74] RT, The Raw Story[75] and other media outlets picked up the story, usually with an anti-WSU bias.

Traditionalist Youth Network

Main article: Traditionalist Youth Network

Faced with graduation, and inspired by the Génération Identitaire youth movement active in France, on May 22, 2013 Heimbach announced, before the WSU End of the Year dinner at a restaurant, the Executive Board's unanimous decision with one abstention to merge the WSU into the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), "an organization that will take the message of the WSU far beyond the confines of Towson." The group is the brainchild of Heimbach's friend and fellow activist Matt Parrott, who will play a key role in the group's activities. The Executive Board moved to make Heimbach National Director of the new group, with his Towson comrade "Paddy" serving as Vice President;[76] effectively, however, Paddy remained as leader of the WSU/Towson chapter of TYN, while Heimbach embarked on a career of nationwide activism alongsode Parrott and Bloomington, Indiana based activist Thomas Buhls.

Split with League of the South

Heimbach and TradYouth at the Kansas City NSM rally.

As Director of the Traditionalist Youth Network, Heimbach has embraced a principle of solidarity with purported White Advocates of "every stripe"; including groups with embarrassing and discredited images. In September 2013, he participated in a get-together at the Kentucky headquarters of the Imperial Klans of America, with members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), Aryan Terror Brigade, and Knights of the Nordic Order also in attendance: which proved as useful propaganda for the SPLC.[77] On October 4 he announced his plans to speak at an NSM rally in Kansas City, Missouri. The news led Michael Hill to expel Heimbach from the League of the South for choosing "to cast his lot with Nazis and others who do not represent the traditional South, the Southern Nationalist movement, and The League of the South," and his disinvitation from the Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, Tennessee demonstrations against Southern demographic displacement held eight days later.

Heimbach in turn decried the so-called cowardice within the "pro-White" movement and has on occasion aligned himself with the National Socialist Movement which is seen by many as Hollywood Nazis and "costume clowns". Despite the rift with the League and some other groups, Heimbach has chosen to continue seeking unity with these groups who are presented to us by the SPLC and ADL as "pro-white" groups to join.[78] Parrott considered the rally very successful, and reported a remarkable scene from Heimbach's verbal confrontation with Anonymous antifa.

He wasn’t above taunting the crowd, teasing the “Anonymous” posse for wearing the mask of a monarchical traditionalist Catholic made in China by sweatshop laborers. To a man, they all awkwardly removed their masks, presumably because they learned something new during their confrontation with us. Perhaps with a bit more self-education, they’ll put the masks back on, embracing the radical traditionalism Guy Fawkes lived and died for.[79]
Heimbach addressing a Keystone United rally at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia in honor of Leif Erikson.

In October 2013 Heimbach spoke at a Keystone United event in honor of Leif Erikson.[80] Under his watch TradYouth has protested speeches by Tim Wise.[81][82]


By April 2014 TYN had made up with the League of the South,[83] and the two groups held a joint May Day demonstration in Washington, DC. While comrade Scott Terry infiltrated the Marxist march by donning a mask of Catholic radical Guy Fawkes, later humiliated the Reds by revealing himself and switching sides, a clash with the Left was avoided.[84]

Excommunication by Orthodox Church of Antioch

Heimbach formally entered the Orthodox Church of Antioch by receiving chrismation on April 12, 2014. Less than a month later, his priest, Fr. Peter Jon Gillquist (the son of a prominent Evangelical Protestant), learned of Heimbach's beliefs, and on April 29 he issued a statement insisting he "formally reject violence, hate speech, and the heresy of Phyletism," and that "he must submit to period of formal penance in order to be received back into the Orthodox communion."[85] Heimbach and fellow recent convert Parrott declared their compliance, announcing an indefinite sabbatical from TradYouth activities on May 2.[86] In July 2013 Heimbach had commented that "ethnically based" Churches are the norm within Orthodoxy, but he rejected that understanding as he learned more about Orthodoxy.[87] He and Parrott presented Bishop Anthony Michaels of Toledo with a joint statement strongly rejecting Phyletism, racial supremacism, "homophobia", and violence while maintaining their devotion to White nationalism and promising to avoid controversy within the Church. Heimbach made no further comments for over three months out of obedience; Parrott, however, has attested that Bishop Anthony said the decision was final, essentially dismissing their statement, and refused to explain how they were in "heresy" while the Church of Antioch simultaneously endorsed the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black.[88] On August 11, Heimbach ended his sabbatical with a trenchant piece entitled "Same Enemy, Same Barricades: The Church Against Zionism", denouncing Israel's actions during the 2014 Gaza war, raising awareness of Jewish persecution and martyrdom of Christians from the time of Christ through the occupation of Palestine, and calling on Christians the world over to follow the example of the saints in fighting Jewish supremacism.[89]

Views and Personal Life

When asked in a December 2012 RT interview if he considered himself a White nationalist, Heimbach said he identifies as a Southern nationalist and supports secession.[90] During his Towson days, Heimbach was hostile to National Socialism and revivals of European paganism. Since graduation, however, he has reconciled with with National Socialist White nationalists. At the 2013 League of the South conference, he spoke about rooming with a National Socialist who was also a folk religionist at the hotel, and finding that, despite their disagreements, they agreed on fundamentals. He likened the various tendencies within White nationalism to "the Crusaders united under a banner to fight the Muslim horde," who "also flew their unique national flags, sang their regional songs, and when the battle was won, all returned to the land of their forefathers." Terming himself a "Southern White Nationalist," he sees Southern nationalism as but one type of White nationalism.

All racial nationalists should have the same mindset of different groups of an extended family fighting together for the preservation of our people, but also for our own respective land. We are all united in the struggle for the very survival of our race, but that does not mean we should give up our unique heritage, folk traditions, and land of our birth. Southern nationalism is simply one form of white nationalism, and we are all united in the struggle.[91]

Heimbach has taken part in Civil War reenactments,[92] and in addition to his involvement in Sons of Confederate Veterans, he is a member of the Baltimore chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens.[93] He was also a member of the League of the South,[94] but was expelled for associating with neo-National Socialists.[95] He considers Kevin DeAnna to have been his mentor.[96]

For several years, Heimbach recalls that he had "turned away from Christ for a period of several years due to the weakness of the modern 'cultural Christians.'"[97] but throughout his Towson activities, Heimbach identified as a Christian when interviewed.[98][99] Since he commenced his openly pro-White advocacy, he has sometimes criticized contemporary Judeo-Christianity. Distancing himself from his Zionist past, he regretted the days when he "sat in the pew of a [Catholic] Church that told me that supporting illegal immigrants was “social justice” and that Jesus wanted me to support sending cruise missiles and endless tax dollars to Israel because the Jews are 'God’s Chosen People'" in a post on his WSU blog.[100] He continues to invoke God, doing so in the same entry, and has said that his faith and churchgoing lend him strength when he faces burnout.[101] In a February 2013 blog post, he laid a greater stress on his faith and the Christian ethos of the WSU.[102] Heimbach attended a Society of Saint Pius X chapel with other WSU members,[103] and has expressed interest in going to seminary,[104] though he now identifies as an Orthodox Christian.[105]

Since coming out as a White interests advocate, Heimbach says his family's reactions has been mixed, but he has been sustained by the pride many of his relatives feel for him for standing up for what he believes is right.[106] He has a girlfriend who is supportive of his activism but shies away from notoriety.[107]


Heimbach received the Maryland State Athletic Directors Association Scholarship, granted to children of athletic directors, in 2010[108] and 2012.[109]


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