Lineage of Canadian Nationalist organizations and individuals

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The chart below shows the political lineage of Canadian Nationalist organizations and individuals. Each organization or individual listed was influenced or inspired by the previous organization or individual listed.


William Whittaker

Canadian Nationalist Party (September, 1933-July, 1938)
National Unity Party (July, 1938)

Adrien Arcand

Parti National Social Chrétien also Canadian National Socialist Unity Party (February, 1934-July, 1938)
Blue Shirts (June 1938)
National Unity Party (July, 1938-1949)
Canadian Fascist Party
John Ross Taylor
Canadian Union of Fascists
Canadian Union
Ernst Zündel
George Burdi
Resistance Records

Social Credit Party of Alberta

Ron Gostick
The Canadian Intelligence Service (1951-1973)
Christian Action Movement
Canadian League of Rights (1968- )
Third Option for National Unity Committee

John Beattie

Canadian Nazi Party (April 20, 1965-December 31, 1966)
National Socialist Party (Canada) (1967-1978)
British People’s League (c.1978)

Don Andrews

Edmund Burke Society (1967-1972)
Paul Fromm
Campus Alternative
Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (1979)
Canadian Association for Free Expression (1981)
Canada First Immigration Reform Committee
Western Guard (February, 1972)
Wolfgang Droege
Canadian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (1976)
Western Guard Universal
Nationalist Party of Canada (1977)
Heritage Front (Fall, 1989-2005) associated with Church of the Creator
Marc Lemire
Liberty League

Terry Tremaine

National Socialist Party of Canada (2005)
Bill Noble
National Progressivist Party of Canada
Aryan Guard (2006-2009)

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