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William of Orange (French: Guillaume, Dutch: Willem, German Wilhelm, Latin Guilelmus) is the name of several historical persons. In the context of Irish and British history, it refers most often to King William III of England; in the context of Dutch history, it is usually in reference to William the Silent. Those men who may be referred to as William of Orange may be grouped together as shown in this article.


In general, these men could be meant by William of Orange

Medieval Period

The Principality of Orange

The following princes of Orange were also known as William of Orange:

United Provinces of the Netherlands

After the counts of Nassau inherited the principality, the following princes of Orange-Nassau (and stadholders in the Netherlands) were also known as William of Orange:

  • William (I) (1533-1584), Prince of Orange, Count of Nassau(-Dillenburg), Lord of Egmond, Count of Buren, founder of the House Orange-Nassau (and so known as William of Orange-Nassau), Stadholder of Holland, Zeeland and Utrecht, later Stadholder of Friesland, best known as William the Silent (In Dutch: "Willem de Zwijger"), also known as father of the fatherland (In Dutch: "vader des vaderlands"), Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (as in the Dutch National Anthem composed in his honour), and somewhat ambiguously as William I and as William I of Orange-Nassau.
  • William II of Orange-Nassau
  • William III of Orange-Nassau, (1650-1702), also king of England a.k.a. King William III of England, King William II of Scotland, "King Billy", and William Henry (In Dutch: "Willem Hendrik")
  • William IV of Orange-Nassau
  • William V of Orange-Nassau

Kingdom of the Netherlands

The following kings of the Netherlands from the House of Orange-Nassau may also sometimes be known as William of Orange, particularly as the Heir Apparent to that throne is constitutionally Prince of Orange:

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